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Dating For The Ages

️Dating Tips with Date2bite️ ***Dating For The Ages*** No matter your age; wether you are meeting for the first time, just married, or together for years, going on a dates is a must! Keep it casual or plan a night to the nines, just go on that date! Re-connect and re-focus on your relationship with […]

Thinking Outside The Box

️Dating Tips with Date2bite️ ***Thinking Outside the Box*** Your dates don’t always have to happen at night, although a sunset date at the beach is always a winner! The beach doesn’t seem like your typical date outing at this time of year, but, with the chilly weather right now, you won’t have to fight for […]

️Dating Tips with Date2bite️ ***Keeping it Simple*** Oftentimes ,keeping your date night simple is the best plan. You can still turn on the romance while sitting at home with some candles and a home cooked meal! It’s also a great way to connect without all of the distractions of going out! #date #datingtips #date2bite #Vancouver […]

Breakfast At Tiffany’s

️Dating Tips with Date2bite️ ***Breakfast At Tiffany’s!*** A Breakfast Date is a great way to ease into a new friendship to make way for that perfect meant-to-be relationship! Find out what you have in common in a casual and comfortable setting. Maybe plan something fun to do after Breakfast and see where the day takes […]

Let the Good Times Fly!

️Dating Tips with Date2bite️ ***Let the Good Times Fly!*** Planning a fun date is key! Find out your dates’ interests and add them to your plans! Having fun on your date helps you relax and open up to one another. It’s a step you need for success! #date #datingtips #date2bite #Vancouver #fraservalley #fun #relax #success […]

️Dating Tips with Date2bite️ ***Outfit Your Best Self!*** Whether you’re a fan of bright colours that pop or go for the more subdued hues, remember to be yourself and dress to impress! Let YOU shine through! #date #datingtips #date2bite #Vancouver #fraservalley #wardrobe #shine #impress

Pamper Yourself!

️Dating Tips with Date2bite️ ***Pamper Yourself!*** Take time to prepare for your date and pamper yourself! Have that relaxing bubble bath, get your hair and nails done, and use that sweet smelling body butter! When you feel good, your happiness and confidence will shine through for your date too! #date #datingtips #date2bite #Vancouver #fraservalley #pamperyourself […]

Get Snapping

️Dating Tips with Date2bite️ ***Get Snapping!*** Even if it’s not your thing, take some cute snapshots with your date! It will help you loosen up and have fun if you’re nervous! Plus you’re creating some wonderful memories! Go for it and let your personality shine through! #date #datingtips #date2bite #Vancouver #fraservalley #photo #picture #memories #create

Choose A Relaxing Venue

Choose a relaxing venue. Especially for a first date, be sure to choose somewhere you are familiar with which helps your comfort level and first date jitters!

Ideal Relationship – Flexibility Is Your Silver Bullet

Some friends and I were having a conversation the other day about what we considered to be an ideal relationship. We all are very different and like different things in our relationships, but we found that we did all seem to agree on some basics. Some things we didn’t agree on since some of us […]


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