How To Deal With Jealousy

If you find yourself asking how to deal with jealousy you should know that this is a sign of insecurity. People only become jealous when they are suffering from low self esteem. They cannot believe that their partner is with them because they are a fantastic attractive person. Their partner may not have done anything to make them feel jealous. It can often be a state of mind that results because of their lack of self belief.

What you do about it depends on whether it is you or your partner that is suffering from the jealousy. If you are the one living with a jealous partner, you will need a lot of love and patience to see you through this difficult stage. There is nothing easy about living with someone who believes the worst of you all the time. You may be home late from work due to a traffic accident but your partner may prefer to believe you are having an affair. The decision you need to take is whether you love your other half enough to stay with them and help them resolve their issues. And this is key. There is nothing you can do to resolve it for them. They must in fact help themselves but you can of course offer your full support, love and affection.

If it is you who is the jealous one, you should know that this is caused by emotional wounds suffered at some point in your life. The lack of self esteem and self worth may have been caused in childhood or may be as a result of a bad relationship. There is no point in trying to get your partner to behave in a different manner. No matter what they do you will find a way to feel jealous. You need to address your inner demons in order to find peace.

The best advice would be to seek some counseling. You and your partner may be able to work through some of this problem but if the cause of your self esteem issues is deep rooted, perhaps in childhood, you need expert help. The first step you should take is to read some great relationship books such as the Magic of Making Up which may help you to overcome this problem or at least start on the road to recovery.

Whatever you do, do not ignore this issue. Jealousy doesn’t tend to go away but in fact worsens over time. Eventually even the most patient of partners will get fed up and as they are being suspected of being unfaithful may decide that they might as well be.

Before you destroy your relationship through negative emotions like jealousy, do yourself a favor and buy the book. Open up to your partner and explain your fears and if possible the reason for them. Then the two of you can go through each chapter of the Magic of Making Up together, making your relationship stronger. Hopefully with time, love and patience you will never have to ask how to deal with jealousy again.


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