How To Recover When A Guy Doesn’t Love You Back

It’s a situation that happens to nearly every woman at some point in her single life. She falls in love with a guy who doesn’t return her feelings. This can be one of the most painful experiences for her and she may feel that she’ll never be able to recover from it. This is not meant to belittle your grief at this pain, however, you CAN move past this and on to happier relationships in your life.

The first step in recovering from a situation such as this is deciding you WANT to move on. That’s right; you have to WANT to get over your feelings before anything will ever help you. If you’ve decided to wallow in your pity party, nothing is ever going to make you happy again. That’s because you’ve decided to be miserable for the rest of your life. After all, this ONE MAN did not love you back. Please think about that for a minute. For just 60 seconds, consider what you’ve decided to do and ask yourself how much sense that makes.
Now, if you’re thinking more clearly and have decided to push forward in your recovery, your next step is to just accept that this isn’t going to happen. Chances are you’ve already tried all of your feminine wiles on the object of your affection without any results. If getting your body in great shape, something new with your hair, new makeup techniques, and making sure he sees your new and improved body in the hot new bikini you bought all went unnoticed, it’s time to move on. The awful part is when you run into him with a date that is not nearly as pretty as you, yet he seems to be enamored of her. Don’t wonder what’s wrong with you. Just accept that he has tastes in women that you do not match, for whatever reason.

The next thing to do is FEEL your grief and anger over things not working out with this man. Allow yourself to act in whatever manner will help you get it out of your system. If this means that you cry, scream, throw or break things, so be it. Just make sure you’re only throwing and breaking things that belong to you and no one else. This is much like a death to you even though it was, most likely, never even alive to this man. However, you are entitled to a grieving process and that’s a huge part of healing.
Once you’ve gone through the above steps, don’t avoid people. Your friends will want to be there for you now and help you in whatever way they can. Let them do this. It will make all of you feel much better. Go out with them and, when you’re ready, let them introduce you to guys they just “know” will be perfect for you. Who knows? One of them just may BE your perfect guy!


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